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Sending Money

Arrested for Expired Registration

Friend needed money and supplies in prison

By Editor / 03/20/2016 / 0 Comments

Arrested for Expired Registration

Sending Money and Supplies to Friend in Prison

My friend was incarcerated and needed money and supplies while he was serving his sentence.  He was arrested because he was driving with an expired registration.  It didn’t happen just once; he was driving with an expired registration and was stopped, and stopped again, and stopped again. … [Read More...]

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Best Items to Send to Loved One in Prison

Best Items to Send to Loved One in Prison

By Editor / 12/08/2015 / 2 Comments

what_to_send_to_loved_one_in_prisonWhat Are The Best Items to Send to Loved One in Prison?

When you have a loved one in prison its difficult to know what you can and can’t send them; it’s difficult to know what to send to a loved one in prison. … [Read More...]

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Send Money to Loved One In Prison

How to Send Money to a Loved One in Prison

By Editor / 01/19/2015 / 0 Comments

Send Money

Your loved one will ask you to send money and you need to know what they are provided by the prison system and what they need additional money for.  Remember to stay within your budget when you send money.  … [Read More...]

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