Those on the outside are doing time too.


26 Years in a Steel Cage

26 Years in a Steel Cage

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He’s Still Not a White Man

Prison the Hidden Sentence

Just take a second and imagine what it would be like to be incarcerated since 1991. Some of you weren’t even born yet! Think of all of the changes in the world since then that you’d get to see, but not touch or be a part of.… [Read More...]

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Incarceration Affected His Life

How Incarceration Affected My Life

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Incarceration Affected My Life, My Family and My Friends

Today’s story is from Karl who is sharing how incarceration affected his life and how he made it through the arrest, incarceration, and release through the love and support of his friends and family.… [Read More...]

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Corrections Officer or Convict?

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Interview with Corrections Officer T

Listen to interview here:

Officer T’s Story

Looking at this picture it would be difficult for most people to determine if he’s a Corrections Officer or a Convict? Well Officer T is a Corrections Officer and has been gracious enough to share insights into how he interacts with inmates and families in the prisons and jails that he’s worked in.… [Read More...]

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InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference 2017

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Ninth Annual InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference 2017

Anyone who has passion, concern, and a sense of accountability for our society in the United States would benefit from this conference.  There is a group of hidden people in our society who need visibility and the conference provides this.… [Read More...]

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Prepare for Visiting Prison

What to Bring and Wear When Visiting Prison

By Editor / 04/16/2017 / 28 Comments

What You Can Bring and Wear When Visiting Your Loved One in Prison

During the 15 years that my brother was in prison he was in at least five different facilities.  It didn’t matter if I was visiting the same facility or a different facility, no two visits were the same. … [Read More...]

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Mom and Dad in Prison – Yvonne Part 2

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What it’s like to have your Mom and Dad in Prison when there’s nobody to take care of the family

In Part 1 of Yvonne’s story she spoke of her dad being in prison. In Part 2 of that interview, Yvonne described what it was like having a mom and dad in prison and taking care of her siblings.… [Read More...]

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Career Criminal Dad – Yvonne Part 1

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Yvonne’s dad was in and out of prison most of her life. He was a career criminal dad. Yvonne spent many years visiting her dad and taking care of the family when there were no other adults around.

This is a two-part interview.… [Read More...]

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10 Years in Prison

My son was arrested and spent 10 years in prison

By GDW Editor / 09/05/2016 / 11 Comments

Wendi’s son was arrested and spent 10 years in prison.   She shares her story about what it was like when her son was arrested, the court sentence, driving him to prison to serve his sentence and the things she learned during the 10 years he spent in prison. She also shares the joy of what it was like the day he was released from prison.… [Read More...]

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Visiting Your Loved One In Prison – What You Should Know

By Editor / 01/19/2015 / 2 Comments

How to Prepare for Visiting Your Loved One in Prison

Prisonthehiddensentence.comIt’s really difficult to prepare for visiting your loved one in prison because each time could be a little different depending on the facility rules and interpretation by the guards. What will help you prepare is to be ready to expect anything.… [Read More...]

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Son Arrested at Home

My son was arrested at home

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I’m here with Myra and her son was arrested at home over eight years ago, and she’s never forgotten the site of having her son arrested and being taken away.

During that time she’s actually taken a positive twist to having a son in prison and using her legal background to help others.   … [Read More...]

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Helpful Information for Visiting Prison

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Helpful information for visiting prison

If it’s going to be your first or twenty-first time visiting your loved one in prison, this podcast has helpful information for visiting prison that can make your visits easier.


(minor edits for easier reading)

What’s it’s like to visit your loved one

Today I want to talk about what it’s like going to visit your loved in prison and provide helpful information for visiting prison.  … [Read More...]

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