Those on the outside are doing time too.

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Welcome. The purpose of this podcast and it's blog is to help educate and empower those who have or had a loved one in prison.  Did you know that the chances are very high that someone you know has had a loved one incarcerated? Or maybe you are part of the 45% of the US population* who has had a loved one in the prison system? Indirectly we are all affected, and if you have a loved one in prison you are probably doing the time even though you committed no crime. This is the Hidden Sentence. The sentence does not end once your loved one is released either. Depending on the type of release he or she may still need to deal with probation or parole which carries its own set of regulations. So the prison issue continues for an indeterminable about of time. Prison: The Hidden Sentence is about those friends and family members on the outside. We are raising awareness one story at a time.


Episode Blogs

PHI S2 4 | Public Defender
  Are you familiar with how the social justice system works, specifically for public defenders? In this episode, Julia Lazareck speaks with Jessica Smith-Peterson, Deputy Public Defender at the Clark County Public Defender’s Office in Nevada. Jessica takes us through the ins and outs of the job, explaining when a public defender is assigned and what their role entails. Recalling her personal experiences, she also shares how she’s helped clients through various cases. If you’ve
PHI 3 | Life After Prison
  Life after prison is challenging for both the incarcerated and their family. Julia Lazareck welcomes Jacquelyn Frank, Ph.D., who walked into a prison to help with a Shakespeare project. There she met Patrick Cox, one of the incarcerated who participated in the project. Join in the conversation as Patrick and Dr. Jacquelyn discuss the value of programs, the prison journey, and life after. Patrick shares how the program helped him and what life has
PHI S3 2 | Coming Home From Incarceration
  Is your loved one coming home from incarceration? Jolyn Armstrong, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, talks with Julia Lazareck about the challenges you face when helping them reintegrate back into society. The key is to re-evaluate circumstances and boundaries. For example, when Jolyn’s son came home, it was new to him that he could call for a doctor appointment himself. Because while he was in prison, he had to ask her to do so for
PHI S3 2 | Coming Home From Incarceration
  Families Outside is a national Scottish charity working entirely on behalf of children and families affected by imprisonment. They offer support in three ways: direct emotional support, delivery of training and raising awareness, and longer-term development of policies and practices that create change. Joining Julia Lazareck today is the organization’s Chief Executive, Nancy Loucks, OBE. Nancy imparts their best practices that have helped many and paved the way for positive change in terms of treatment and
PHI 24 | Prison Families Alliance
  Incarceration is often a traumatic event that negatively impacts both the family as well as the person to be incarcerated. Who do you go to when a loved one is taken into the prison system? In this episode, Julia Lazareck discusses supporting the families and loved ones of prisoners with guests Alexis Schonfield, Barbara Allan, Danica Hubbard, Jolyn Armstrong and Neela Hoeppner, members of the Prison Families Alliance, Inc. The Alliance provides support, information
PHI 23 | Justice Impacted Musicians
We need to dismantle stereotypes around race and prison in America by amplifying the voices of justice-impacted musicians and artists. Meet Fury Young, the Founder and Executive Director of Die Jim Crow, a record label for currently and formerly incarcerated musicians. Die Jim Crow’s mission is “dismantling stereotypes around race and prison in America by amplifying the voices of justice-impacted musicians and artists.” Fury and his team are trailblazing the way for us to hear
PHI 22 | Prison Relationship
What would you do if your loved one was incarcerated? Would you leave or stay? Amy Rolack did both. When her childhood sweetheart got incarcerated, she broke off the relationship. After ten long years, she reached back out to him, and now they are married. Join your host Julia Lazareck and her guest Amy Rolack as they talk about what it’s like to have a prison relationship. Discover how Amy coped with this struggle and
PHI 21 | Mass Incarceration
  Let people know the struggle you’re going through to lift the stigma and raise awareness. Julia Lazareck’s guest, Nora Raleigh Baskin, shares her discovery about mass incarceration. Nora is an award-winning writer introduced to mass incarceration through a program she was asked to participate in at a prison. She was shocked at what she learned and was drawn to writing about it. She wrote Ruby on the Outside, which is about a child’s journey
PHI 20 | Empower Your Life
  Has life ever handed you a bunch of lemons? Our guest has been there and shares how she took those lemons and found a way to make lemonade and improve her life. Joining Julia Lazareck today is Dr. Tamara Pelosi. Dr. Pelosi suffered from severe emotional trauma with her husband’s imprisonment. When someone is taken into the prison system, it can affect the whole family. Join in the conversation as Dr. Pelosi provides tools

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