Those on the outside are doing time too.

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Welcome. The purpose of this podcast and it's blog is to help educate and empower those who have or had a loved one in prison.  Did you know that the chances are very high that someone you know has had a loved one incarcerated? Or maybe you are part of the 45% of the US population* who has had a loved one in the prison system? Indirectly we are all affected, and if you have a loved one in prison you are probably doing the time even though you committed no crime. This is the Hidden Sentence. The sentence does not end once your loved one is released either. Depending on the type of release he or she may still need to deal with probation or parole which carries its own set of regulations. So the prison issue continues for an indeterminable about of time. Prison: The Hidden Sentence is about those friends and family members on the outside. We are raising awareness one story at a time.


Episode Blogs

PHI 20 | Empower Your Life
  Has life ever handed you a bunch of lemons? Our guest has been there and shares how she took those lemons and found a way to make lemonade and improve her life. Joining Julia Lazareck today is Dr. Tamara Pelosi. Dr. Pelosi suffered from severe emotional trauma with her husband’s imprisonment. When someone is taken into the prison system, it can affect the whole family. Join in the conversation as Dr. Pelosi provides tools
PHI 19 | Mass Incarceration
  How do you make an impact on mass incarceration? Testify your story, and don’t put so many expectations on your incarcerated loved one. Julia Lazareck’s guest in this episode is Latasha Drax, the founder of I.M.P.A.C.T. Beyond the Wall. Latasha is committed to helping build families and strengthen relationships impacted by incarceration. She was married to her husband for 16 years while he was incarcerated. Latasha shares her journey towards healing, not only for
PHI 18 | Prison The Hidden Sentence
  When you experience trauma, you can either become a victim or a cheerleader. Matt Duhamel, of The Outspoken Offender, interviews Julia Lazareck on her podcast to discuss the backstory behind her book Prison: The Hidden Sentence™. Julia is a cheerleader to others who are going through what she went through by sharing the information they need. Julia wants you to remember that no matter what your loved one is accused of, you can still
PHI 17 | Sexual Offenses
  Sexual offenses are often considered one of the most heinous crimes, especially those committed against children. But is there a path towards redemption for people incarcerated for these crimes? Julia Lazareck is on air to answer this question as she talks to a survivor of incarceration for sexual offenses, Jim Prager. Jim shares his story with remarkable honesty, candor, and transparency as he discusses his decades-long journey from sex offenders to advocate for reform
  Incarcerated women deserve to move forward with life. We can have a fresh start, be happy and live meaningful lives if only we know how to find the much-needed resources. Join Julia Lazareck and the Executive Director of New Hour Serena Liguori as they delve into seeing yourself in a different light, thinking healthy thoughts and moving forward. New Hour is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women and children impacted by incarceration. Serena shares
PHI 15 Gail Dennis | Neglected Children
  What happens to the family left behind by people who are incarcerated? Most importantly, what happens to their children? The Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Foundation is a program that supports children that have been neglected, abused, and are in foster care. Gail Dennis, CASA volunteer and Toastmasters speaker, sits down with Julia Lazareck and talks about how CASA has not only changed the lives of young kids in the system but also her own. She shares her story and
PHI 14 Charrise Lothamer | Incarcerated Loved One
  Having an incarcerated loved one is hard enough but when the pandemic happened, it was made even harder. Join Julia Lazareck and Charrise Lothamer in this conversation about challenges encountered regarding visitation of an incarcerated loved one during the pandemic and how it differs prior to pandemic. Charrise is an advocate and participates with several groups that support families and advocates for life changes. She shares how she grabs the opportunity even if there are strict rules and protocols and how she maintains the connection
  Evelyn’s job is to take care of her granddaughters and help them live a life different from her daughter’s. Julia Lazareck brings Evelyn Pacheco to the show to talk about her situation and how she’s solving it with Nevada Women in Trades. Evelyn is the founder of this organization that helps women who just got out of jail find a job. She helps them change their lives so that they can support those that they love. — Listen to the
PHI 12 | Truth About Incarceration
  How do you tell a child that mommy or daddy is in prison? Julia Lazareck sits down with Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, the author and Co-founder of DC Project Connect, who explains how parents or guardians can tell the truth about incarceration when talking to children. Dr. Avon points out the importance of understanding the adverse effects of incarceration and how adults can avoid further emotional and mental damage to children using resources such as children’s books

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