Those on the outside are doing time too.



SUPPORT for the Prisoner's Family


To make sure you know what to do when your loved one is incarcerated.  Providing a safe, supportive place for the opportunity to tell your story and hear other people's stories.  Giving you tools to deal with its impact.  Educating you on the prison system.  One things for sure: no matter the challenges or difficulties you face, the toll of incarceration on you and your family will be minimized!


For all people with a loved one in the prison system to receive the support they need to cope with the trauma, emotional & financial impact they will face.


The purpose of this blog is to educate and empower those who have or had a loved one in prison.  Raising awareness one story at a time.

As you will learn by reading the stories from people affected by the prison system, that you are not alone; the stories need to be told. Prison affects people from every walk of life and our society as a whole. By raising awareness we can begin to provide support for the families and friends of those in prison and raise awareness to the general population.

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United States Statistics


5 Million Children Have or Had an Incarcerated Parent


Over 6 Million People are in the Prison System


Over 30 million people have been affected by incarceration


Even though the United States has only 5% of the world's population...

0% has over 20% of the world's prison population

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