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Prison Resources: Links

Prison ResourcesPrison Resources:  Links to Federal and State Prisons, and County Jails

It is important for you to understand the processes and rules prior to visiting your loved one in prison and the prison resources below can provide that information. Each Federal, State and County facility is a little different.  You can find any federal, state or local facility in the links below with location, contact information, and visitation information.  Just locate the state of the facility and click on the appropriate link.

Federal Prison Reports

Online Database

World Prison Brief provides information about prisons all over the world:

World Prison Brief also has a link to prison statistics:

Other Great Prison Resources - By State

Click here for Other Resources

The above link will bring you to a Prison Resource page that is maintained by a support group in Southern Nevada.  No need to reinvent the wheel since this site is well maintained and contains links both for U.S. and international information and help.  The Prison Resource page contains the following links.

  • Per State
  • Outside U.S.
  • General Programs/Groups
  • Courts/Federal Information
  • Religious Sites
  • Miscellaneous Sites
  • Search Engines and Sites with Informational Links
  • Phone Services (Confirm with prison which services they use prior to signing up with any service)
  • News, Books, Artwork, Correspondence & Communication

You can contact PTHS for any questions or updates for the Prison Resource page.

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