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Brother in Prison

Prison the Hidden Sentence

Prison the Hidden Sentence and Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons

By Editor / 05/04/2018 / 0 Comments

Prison the Hidden Sentence™ and Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons: Two Organizations With a Common Goal

Prison the Hidden Sentence

Julia Lazareck, CEO and founder of Prison the Hidden Sentence™, and president of Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons (FFIP) presented to the Toastmasters Burnt Toast II club on May 2, 2018.… [Read More...]

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

Hope for Bug at his Parole Hearing

By Editor / 11/12/2017 / 0 Comments

Bug’s Parole Hearing

Bug’s Background

My lil’ brother, Bug, was arrested at 16-years-old and convicted of second degree murder and given a twenty to life sentence. Bug has done a majority of his time at Pelican Bay for the exception of being transferred to Calipatria in Southern California. … [Read More...]

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

Family Shocked With Guilty Verdict

By Editor / 11/02/2017 / 4 Comments

Cold Case Murder Reopened

Today I’m here with Kristal who has a really interesting story she wants to tell us about and what she’s gone through having her brother in prison.

Listen to interview here:


(Edited for easier reading)

I’m the youngest of three.… [Read More...]

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The Kenneth Hunt Story

By Editor / 06/26/2017 / 0 Comments

How Kenneth Hunt was convicted of 3rd-degree burglary and received a death sentence by his wife and her boyfriend


Kenneth Hunt was no stranger to incarceration. He had spent half of his 27 years behind bars. Doing time was not a problem for him.… [Read More...]

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Brother Died in Prison

My Brother Died in Prison

By Editor / 06/13/2017 / 0 Comments

My Brother Died in Prison Five Years Ago

It’s been five years since my brother died in prison from Hepatitis C. When I went to visit him that last time I didn’t know it was terminal. He was unrecognizable to me.… [Read More...]

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Visiting Your Loved One In Prison – What You Should Know

By Editor / 01/19/2015 / 2 Comments

How to Prepare for Visiting Your Loved One in Prison

Prisonthehiddensentence.comIt’s really difficult to prepare for visiting your loved one in prison because each time could be a little different depending on the facility rules and interpretation by the guards. What will help you prepare is to be ready to expect anything.… [Read More...]

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Visit to Loved One In Prison

My Story: First Visit to Loved One In Prison

By Editor / 01/01/2016 / 4 Comments

The First Visit to Loved One In Prison:  My Parents Son and My Brother

Visit to Loved One in PrisonWe had no idea what to expect during our visit to our loved one in prison; my brother, their son. The first time my parents and I visited my brother in prison there was a wedding.  … [Read More...]

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