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Mom’s Prison Sentence

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Tough Love for Sons in Prison

By Editor / 11/27/2018 / 2 Comments

 Sons In Prison at 16 Years Old

“We got a call in the middle of the night from the sheriff that they were arresting him for being under the influence of drugs. We went to where they were arresting him to talk to the police officers and then they took him to jail.”


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PTHS:  I’m here today with Marie who has had two sons that were incarcerated.… [Read More...]

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

A Mother’s Isolation

By Editor / 10/01/2018 / 5 Comments

Mother Feels Guilt and Isolation While Son is Incarcerated

Prison the Hidden Sentence

Thank you Anonymous for sharing your heartfelt story about your feelings of guilt and isolation while your son is serving his sentence and everything that you have been through.  With over six million people in the prison system and over 10% of the population on the outside supporting them, you are definitely not alone and deserve  support and help.… [Read More...]

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Mother With Two Sons in Prison

By Editor / 06/27/2018 / 3 Comments

Two Sons in Prison’m a 59 year old mother with two sons in prison.  One has been gone for 18 years and the other for 19 years.  One  is 37 and the other turned 39 today. I’ve been holding the pain in for many years and today I heard the pain and hurt in my son’s voice.… [Read More...]

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Mother Waiting for her Son

By Editor / 03/27/2018 / 5 Comments

I’m a Mother Waiting for her Son to Come Home

My story is the story of a mother who spent hours waiting for her son to finish his piano lesson, to finish his swimming lesson, to finish his karate lesson and to finish his professional goal-keeping training.… [Read More...]

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Son Arrested at Home

My son was arrested at home

By Editor / 10/18/2016 / 0 Comments

I’m here with Myra and her son was arrested at home over eight years ago, and she’s never forgotten the site of having her son arrested and being taken away.

During that time she’s actually taken a positive twist to having a son in prison and using her legal background to help others.   … [Read More...]

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Mom, I Killed Someone

Mom, I killed someone

By Editor / 06/06/2016 / 0 Comments

Mom, I Killed SomeoneA Mom’s Story

My daughter, Delores, was on the wrong path for many years.  My husband, our adult children, and I agreed that she should no longer live with us.  She had signed herself into a local mental health facility where she was being treated for bipolar disorder and drug addiction. … [Read More...]

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Mom's Prison Sentence

Mom’s Serving a Prison Sentence Even Though She’s Not Behind Bars

By Editor / 05/28/2016 / 1 Comment

Mom's Prison Sentence

Mom’s Prison Sentence

You say you’re in hell paying your debt.
Well, I’m in solitary confinement, on this you can bet.
You are forced to face and pay for your error.
I hide from living life, stay to self, avoid mirrors.… [Read More...]

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