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Faces of Innocence

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

This is Julia with Prison: The Hidden Sentence™. I’m here today with Janet from Louisiana and she has a loved one who’s incarcerated. She’s become close with the family while her loved one, Jerome, is incarcerated, and talks about the Faces of Innocence.  Janet is going to share with us how she’s been affected by his incarceration, as well as how it affects his children and other family members.

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

December’s Give Back Winner

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

Prison: The Hidden Sentence™ was recognized by America First Credit Union as December’s Give Back organization. Julia Lazareck, Prison: The Hidden Sentence™ founder, accepted the award on the Morning Blend. Click below to view short presentation.

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Straight Talk

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Straight Talk with Lawrence Weekly

Julia, Prison: The Hidden Sentence TM  (PTHS) founder, is getting the word out about organizations that are providing support to people with loved ones in the prison system.  She was interviewed by Clark County’s Commissioner Lawrence Weekly on the Straight Talk radio show on FM Power 88.1 .  Commissioner Weekly is very involved in his community and provides important information to his constituents and it was an honor for Julia to be on his show.… [Read More...]

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National Prisoner Family Month

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www.prisonthehiddensentence.comMental Health Awareness & National Prisoner Family Months Together in May 2018

It is no coincidence National Prisoner Family Month is scheduled for the same month as the long established Mental Health Month — MAY!  The scheduling is intentional.

For decades criminal justice advocates have implored the public to recognize a very important fact:  the vast majority of prisoners not only need mental health intervention, but can and will substantially benefit from mental health intervention.… [Read More...]

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