Those on the outside are doing time too.


Perspective of a visitor and an inmate

Prison Experience as a Visitor and Inmate

By Editor / 02/15/2016 / 3 Comments

Visiting Prison from the Outside and Inside as a Visitor and Inmate Prison Perspective as a Visitor I went to visit a friend of mine in prison.  I am a white guy and visited a black friend at a prison.  It was weird because it seemed that the guards had a problem with a white guy visiting a black friend.  So this was my first experience as a prison visitor (from the outside). I went to […]

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Yard Time

Yard Time for Inmates

By Editor / 06/29/2015 / 4 Comments

Yard Time Described by an Correctional Officer As a correctional officer I’d like to share information about the time your loved one in prison typically has outside in the yard.  Level 2 and 3 inmates receive several hours a day of yard time if they don’t have a job or have to be in school. Although inmates enjoy getting out of their 9’X 6’ foot cells, it can be very dangerous and troublesome going on […]

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