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What to Bring When Visiting Prison

Step-Daughter Incarcerated

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Step-daughter in and out of prison

When somebody goes into prison, it affects the whole family.


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Today I’m here with Annabel who has a step-daughter that was in and out of the prison system for many years.[Read More...]

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Clear CES Backpacks

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Clear Backpacks at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

www.prisonthhiddensentence.comThe CES show is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9-12, 2018. This is the go-to show for people around the world who are interested in the newest, coolest, upcoming, electronic gadgets. They get to preview tv’s, computers, robots, electronics and smart technology  before they hit the market.… [Read More...]

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Prepare for Visiting Prison

What to Bring and Wear When Visiting Prison

By Editor / 04/16/2017 / 28 Comments

What You Can Bring and Wear When Visiting Your Loved One in Prison

During the 15 years that my brother was in prison he was in at least five different facilities.  It didn’t matter if I was visiting the same facility or a different facility, no two visits were the same. … [Read More...]

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Visiting Your Loved One In Prison – What You Should Know

By Editor / 01/19/2015 / 2 Comments

How to Prepare for Visiting Your Loved One in Prison

Prisonthehiddensentence.comIt’s really difficult to prepare for visiting your loved one in prison because each time could be a little different depending on the facility rules and interpretation by the guards. What will help you prepare is to be ready to expect anything.… [Read More...]

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Perspective of a visitor and an inmate

Prison Experience as a Visitor and Inmate

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prison perspective of a visitor

Visiting Prison from the Outside and Inside as a Visitor and Inmate

Prison Perspective as a Visitor

I went to visit a friend of mine in prison.  I am a white guy and visited a black friend at a prison.  It was weird because it seemed that the guards had a problem with a white guy visiting a black friend.  … [Read More...]

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

Rules for Visiting and Identification

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Typically persons 12 years and older must provide picture identification. Check with the facility that you are visiting to confirm what the required age is to provide picture identification.

britannica_prisonWhen you arrive at the facility you may need to wait in line to be processed in.… [Read More...]

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Prison Dress Code: What to Wear When Visiting a Loved One In Prison

Prison Dress Code: What to Wear When Visiting a Loved One

By Editor / 01/19/2015 / Comments Off on Prison Dress Code: What to Wear When Visiting a Loved One

Prison Dress CodeVisiting a Loved One: Prison Dress Code

Most facilities have a dress code so you should know what is acceptable to wear when visiting a loved one in prison. Make sure that you know the facility’s rules for acceptable clothing. Yes, there is such a thing as prison dress code!… [Read More...]

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