Children of Incarcerated Parents

Straight Talk

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Straight Talk with Lawrence Weekly

Julia, Prison: The Hidden Sentence TM  (PTHS) founder, is getting the word out about organizations that are providing support to people with loved ones in the prison system.  She was interviewed by Clark County’s Commissioner Lawrence Weekly on the Straight Talk radio show on FM Power 88.1 .  Commissioner Weekly is very involved in his community and provides important information to his constituents and it was an honor for Julia to be on his show.… [Read More...]

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Prison the Hidden Sentence

Kidz Take Your City

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Prisonthehiddensentence.comPrison: The Hidden Sentence  and Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons (FFIP), will be at the  Kidz – Take Your City (TYC) event hosted by Victory Outreach Summerlin (a faith-based organization) in partnership with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. … [Read More...]

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Mom and Dad in Prison – Yvonne Part 2

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What it’s like to have your Mom and Dad in Prison when there’s nobody to take care of the family

In Part 1 of Yvonne’s story she spoke of her dad being in prison. In Part 2 of that interview, Yvonne described what it was like having a mom and dad in prison and taking care of her siblings.… [Read More...]

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Children of Incarcerated Parents

Children of Incarcerated Parents

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Children of Incarcerated Parents

Number of Children of Incarcerated Parents

In 2007 it was estimated there were 1.7 million6 children of incarcerated parents, or with a parent in prison, in the U.S. In 2013 the number increased by a million to 2.7million2,4,5.… [Read More...]

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Visiting Your Loved One In Prison – What You Should Know

By Editor / 01/19/2015 / 2 Comments

How to Prepare for Visiting Your Loved One in Prison

Prisonthehiddensentence.comIt’s really difficult to prepare for visiting your loved one in prison because each time could be a little different depending on the facility rules and interpretation by the guards. What will help you prepare is to be ready to expect anything.… [Read More...]

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