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My Story

Julia Lazareck, Founder,

Victim to Hero Story

By Editor / 05/28/2018 / 0 Comments

Julia Shares Her Victim to Hero Story

International speaker, trainer, and digital media expert, Christina Aldan, interviewed Prison the Hidden Sentence’s Julia Lazareck.  Christina has a “Lucky Girl” podcast with a special “Transformational Series”. She interviewed Julia about her journey from victim to hero.… [Read More...]

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My Story: The Sentencing

By Editor / 04/28/2015 / 3 Comments


At the Sentencing My Brother Was Given Life In Prison and It Changed My Life

This is my storyPrison the Hidden Sentence and my experience as someone who had a loved one sent to prison.  The trial lasted a few hours and life changed in one moment dLife Sentenceuring the sentencing:  GUILTY and sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON.… [Read More...]

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Visit to Loved One In Prison

My Story: First Visit to Loved One In Prison

By Editor / 01/01/2016 / 4 Comments

The First Visit to Loved One In Prison:  My Parents Son and My Brother

Visit to Loved One in PrisonWe had no idea what to expect during our visit to our loved one in prison; my brother, their son. The first time my parents and I visited my brother in prison there was a wedding.  … [Read More...]

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Visiting Prison Year Six

My Story: Saturday Visit – Year Six

By Editor / 06/28/2015 / 2 Comments


Visiting Year SixSaturday Visit to my Brother During his Sixth Year of  Incarceration

I get to the prison at 8:10am for my Saturday visit. I enter the building. There are two female officers in the control room. They take no notice of me.… [Read More...]

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Visit Prison

My Story: Sunday Visit – Year Six

By Editor / 06/28/2015 / 0 Comments

Prison the Hidden Sentence

Sunday Visit to my Brother During his Sixth Year of  Incarceration

Sunday Visit:  I arrive at 8:00am today. There are already visitors waiting outside the office. The guards are changing shift and they walk by and say hello. One guard suggests that we sit in our car and wait because they won’t let us in until 8:15am.… [Read More...]

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